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Designed by NERC experts, no solution manages protection system maintenance testing, unresolved maintenance and corrective action requirements like ProtX

Eliminate the risk of "compliance by spreadsheet and Sharepoint"

A Single-Source Inventory of All Protection System Elements

Allows users to inventory applicable Protection System and individual elements along with the ability to track, search and view by company name, region, division, location, manufacturer, model, serial number, voltage, feeder, equipment type and rating. No more spreadsheets, paper records or missing information. Quick and easy access to all Protection System elements allow users to determine Maintenance and Testing statuses.

One Place for All Protection System Owner Contact Information

All Protection System elements can be grouped and assigned by company, division, region, vendor and manager, including identifying specific individuals responsible for the oversight of maintenance and testing activities. Having all contact information in one location allows quick identification of owners and maintenance personnel responsible for PRC-005 compliance or emergencies.

Track and Document Protection System Maintenance for Ease of Compliance

Allows users to track Protective System maintenance intervals for past and future activities. Documentation of maintenance allows better coordination of testing and maintenance and can be retrieved quickly and easily. Archiving of maintenance and test records, test scripts, data sheets, reports, notes and events provides evidence of compliance while reducing risk of noncompliance.

Never Miss a Deadline with Automated Compliance Notifications

Provides automated, calendar-driven notifications to targeted individuals or groups, notifying users of required testing intervals, compliance deadlines or required maintenance. Automated notifications help manage timelines associated with reviews and process owner responsibilities, ensuring you are ahead of upcoming NERC deadlines while efficiently scheduling maintenance and testing of Protection Systems.

Providing Evidence for Audits is a Click Away

Maintenance and test records are stored by each Protection System element or component, allowing for easy access to evidence requested during an audit or internal evidence review.

Be Audit Ready with Single-Location Document Management

Availability of documented evidence is a prerequisite of successfully passing a NERC audit. ProtX allows for centrally organizing, tracking and coordinating all documents, data sheets, policies, procedures, notes and emails. It eliminates the time spent searching for documents in various applications, files, locations or formats. You are always audit ready.

Know When NERC Reliability Standards Change

Provides automatic notifications to selected individuals when applicable NERC Standards are approved, modified or approaching enforcement dates. This timely notification ensures that your business processes are modified appropriately and evidence collection is in line with the new requirements. Automatic notifications are sent to business process owners, reminding them of date-driven activities embedded within policies and procedures, which eliminates all surprises!

Transformer Oil Testing Tracking and Analysis

Protect system reliability and unexpected costly breakdown of your power system and generator step-up transformers. Generator step-up transformers are very costly and usually take weeks to replace. ProtX includes a transformer oil quality tracking and analysis solution to help identify potential oil-related failure before it occurs.

Eliminate the risk of “Compliance by spreadsheet and Sharepoint.”
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