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Energy Communications and Operations Hub

ECOH (Energy Communication and Operations Hub) provides seamless integration of real-time plant, load, market and settlement data allowing all business units to view critical information remotely through a variety of devices.

ECOH features include

  • Plant Operators model generation assets and present plant capabilities to various business units through the web-based system.
  • Schedulers create and model generation asset offers, submitting directly into the market via an ISO/RTO API.
  • ECOH manages load serving entity requirements with load forecasting models and reporting capabilities for load and generation position management.
  • An ISO/RTO listener interface processes all incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Plant dispatch and control instructions, along with asset optimization models, are managed within ECOH.
  • ECOH supports shadow settlements and features a full reporting suite for operations, market settlements and regulatory compliance for wholly-owned or joint-owned units.

PSI’s DataMart application is a data warehouse application housing all Energy Asset Operating data, Financial and Commodity Market data, ISO/RTO LMP Price data and all ISO Settlement data points.

Graphics and Dashboards can be built using the data feeds of energy markets and energy asset Real-Time operating data. DataMart contains market pricing data for all North American energy markets.

User’s proprietary data can be added to DataMart and is secured to only the User or User’s Company’s access.

DataMart product features include

  • External market data including real-time price signals and power flows are retrieved and displayed for customer use.
  • Proprietary customer operations data can be displayed and stored in the database.
  • All data is stored in the database for future analysis.
  • DataMart is a web-based system and can be viewed remotely on a number of user devices.

Introducing ProtX, an inventory, tracking, notification and maintenance SaaS solution for full PRC-related protection system compliance.
Unlike other NERC compliance solutions, ProtX was designed and built by compliance experts with more than 20 years of NERC program, field and audit experience.


Ez-ETag is intended to suit the needs of Load, Gen and Traders without the complexities found in similar products. Designed and implemented as a single product, Ez-Etag is not a 'suite' of products that need to be used together to accomplish tagging requirements.

Broswer based and mobile friendly. If authorized, your support staff can handle issues when away from the office. Official support for current version of Apple Safari (iPhone/Tablet/PC/Mac), Google Chrome (Phone/Tablet/PC), Firefox (PC) as well as Internet Explorer 10+.

Product features include

  • Create/Submit/Correct Tags
  • Template support to simplify routine Tags
  • Adjust Energy/Transmission Profiles
  • Easily monitor the status of all current and pending Tags
  • Ability to filter tags for display and monitoring
  • Notifies users of tag changes/approval/rejection/etc

Offered as SaaS (Hosted Solution) or Customer License (Installed on customer's equipment)

SaaS solution offers

  • Robust solution with redundant servers in multiple data centers with 24/7 monitoring
  • 24/7 Support provided by PSI staff (not out-sourced)
  • Quick implementation, you can be up in 1-3 days
  • Upgrades handled by PSI staff at no additional cost
  • Economical pricing when compared to self-hosting